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Women of Paris runs walking tours about women's history and influence in Paris. Their tours therefore deviate from the conventional tour trend which focus on the lives and achievements of male personalities.

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Tour Operator started in 2016| Foreign Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

Heidi, a Paris tour guide and the creator of the Women of Paris Walks, made the move over to Paris from London in search of a new adventure in the French capital where she began guiding. She was inspired to create the Essential Women of Paris Walk when she realized that it was a grossly neglected topic in Paris tourism. Typical tours of the city are dominated by great men and often don’t include many references to great women. Or, if they do mention women, it is often in a negative light. 
After realizing this and feeling disheartened, Heidi decided to make a change and create something relevant for our time; an evolving world in which patriarchal history is being challenged. As soon as she began researching, she was amazed by the rich diversity of names she came across.
By creating an awareness of some of the incredible women who have impacted the city, she hopes the tour will reveal a new side of Paris, already a beloved city, and that it will enrich tourism in Paris.

Community Connection

Through her tours, Heidi seeks to educate visitors to Paris about the (often overlooked) historical women of the city, bringing some gender equality to the city's narrative, but she also brings awareness of the current state of gender politics in France for example by introducing visitors to the Editions des Femmes - the first all female publishing house in France. In addition, Heidi organizes charity tours and events where proceeds are donated to charities in support of women's issues. In 2017, she organized a party for International Women's day, where they sold a special cocktail and the proceeds were given to Women in Educaid. She also ran a charity tour in December of 2017 and gave the proceeds to the Worldwide Women's Web. For 2018, she is working on creating a calendar for the Chinese New Year of the Dog and she will donate a percentage of sales profits to Solidarite Femmes, an organization that helps victims of violence.




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