Lokal is changing tourism for the better

Lokal is changing tourism for the better

We do travel differently.

We make it easy to book remarkable global travel adventures. Embrace local cultures and immerse yourself in breathtaking natural habitats with the help of a local sustainable travel expert.

Lokal puts more money in the hands of locals.

Your perfect trip, designed by a local travel expert

In order to provide a truly local experience, we only work with trip planning experts who are from the country you’re visiting. They’re on the ground and have a pulse on the latest destinations and experiences, ensuring your trip is one of a kind.

How we find experiences and lodges for your trip

Our handpicked local experts select each experience and lodge on your trip to make sure it provides an amazing travel experience and benefits back to the local community. We call this impact travel.

We do our best to find locally-owned lodges, guides and transport to maximize the amount your trip spending directly benefits the communities you visit. But it's not always possible to go 100% local with a trip, so we also work with operators that meet third party sustainability accreditation standards (like the UN Certification for Sustainable Tourism, Global Sustainable Tourism Council, and more).

See our community tourism impact in action

How you get the perfect trip

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To create an awe-inspiring trip that makes an impact on local communities.

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