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Lokal is a social enterprise that helps travelers find local experiences that benefit the communities they visit.

Travel Partners

We are looking for accommodation, tours, and activities that share our values.

    Quality and Character

    We feature independent and local travel providers that offer remarkable services and unique insights into the places you’ll visit. It’s our goal to help travelers find trustworthy, quality experiences that have a distinctly local style.

    Community Connection

    We seek out travel providers that support local livelihoods, celebrate cultural traditions, preserve historical sites and love to share their passion and local knowledge with travelers.

    Environmental Engagement

    We help travelers discover stunning natural attractions and local wildlife through a growing network of environmentally friendly hotels, eco-tours, sustainable shops, and local guides that strive to protect wonderfully wild places around the world.

Why Join?

Work with Lokal and get these great benefits.

Free Profile

Share the story of your organization in your own words!

Direct Booking

Receive requests from travelers directly in the email of your choice.

Marketing Support

Our team can help improve your profile and increase booking conversions.

Respectful Travelers

We’ll help you find customers that care about your community and cause.


We are committed to supporting travel providers of all sizes.


If you meet our criteria for quality and community, we will create free profiles of your organization and your travel experiences!


There’s no cost to add an experience to our marketplace, but Lokal does collect a commission on every completed booking. We will work with you to set net and rack pricing that is fair. We only get paid if we send you travelers!

Booking and Payment

Here’s some more info on what to expect about partnering with Lokal.

There are two ways we facilitate payments:
  1. Traveler pays Lokal in full – we can use our online payment system to collect the full booking price from travelers. Then we will arrange to send you your net rate through a wire transfer, PayPal or credit card payment.
  2. Traveler pays deposit to Lokal – we can collect a deposit from travelers (equal to our commission) and then have the traveler pay you your net rate in-person.
  1. Travelers will find your experiences on our site and be able to contact you directly to ask questions and check availability.
  2. You’ll receive an email when a traveler sends a request so you can provide more info and confirm details.
  3. If everything looks good, Lokal will collect payment and connect you directly to the traveler so you can communicate and prepare for the trip!

Yes! When you are approved as a Lokal provider and complete your first experience profile, we’ll send an announcement in our email newsletter and on social media to our global traveler community! Thousands of travelers will learn about your work and the experiences that you offer.

We can also help to connect you to travel bloggers, writers and other influencers who can help to share your story.

Getting Started

The process for featuring your organization on Lokal.

1. Create Your Account

We ask travel providers to fill out our online form so we can learn more about the experiences you provide and your commitment to the local community.

2. Approval and Profile Creation

If your organization is approved, we’ll work with you to create a great profile on Lokal Travel! You control the content and how your story is told.

3. Get More Travelers

Travelers will find your new profile and contact you directly if they have questions or want to book. You can also add ready-to-book experiences to our marketplace.

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