How We Choose

When you choose Lokal for your travel experiences or custom trips, you can trust that your hard-earned money is empowering local communities, safeguarding pristine landscapes, and preserving the cherished customs and traditions of the destinations you visit. We stand out from other travel companies by meticulously researching and handpicking each experience on our platform, ensuring they align with our core values and contribute positively to the places and people we encounter.

We firmly believe that responsible travel should be accessible, enjoyable, and transformative. Our aim is to simplify the process of discovering authentic, culturally immersive experiences that are not only sustainable but also enriching for both you and the local communities. By choosing Lokal, you'll embark on unforgettable adventures, explore uncharted territories, and engage in new experiences, all while leaving a positive and lasting impact on the world.

Dive into the heart of a destination and witness the magic that lies beyond the confines of conventional tourism. Book with Lokal and let us guide you on an extraordinary journey of cultural immersion, discovery, and meaningful connections.

What We Look for in Travel Experiences

    Exceptional Quality and Authenticity

    At Lokal, we are dedicated to showcasing local and independent travel providers renowned for their exceptional services and unique insights into the destinations you'll explore. Our mission is to connect travelers with reliable, top-notch experiences that immerse them in the local culture and lifestyle.

    Deep Community Connections

    Our commitment to empowering local communities and safeguarding cultural heritage is unwavering. We collaborate with travel providers who contribute to the local economy, celebrate the cultural richness of their regions, and are enthusiastic about sharing their expertise and love for their homeland with visitors.

    Active Environmental Stewardship

    We firmly believe that responsible tourism plays a vital role in preserving the environment and uplifting local communities. As such, we present a diverse array of eco-conscious accommodations, tours, shops, and local guides, all devoted to safeguarding the natural wonders of the areas they inhabit.
Why this Matters

The UN reveals that a meager 5% of international travel spending truly benefits local communities. The lion's share of travel funds is funneled to airlines, large-scale hotels, booking platforms, and travel agencies, leaving delicate ecosystems damaged and local inhabitants financially unsupported. At Lokal, we believe in an alternative approach.

By choosing Lokal, you directly invest in the communities you visit, ensuring that your travel dollars make a tangible difference. Our mission is to foster an equitable distribution of tourism revenue, promote sustainable practices, and uplift the people and places that make each destination unique. With Lokal, you can be a part of this transformative vision, embarking on unforgettable journeys that empower communities and preserve the planet for generations to come.

Our Curated Selection Process

1. Discover

By leveraging our personal travels, local connections, in-depth research, and recommendations from travelers like you, we uncover remarkable local travel experiences worldwide. After an initial evaluation, we connect with the most promising leads.

2. Engage

We initiate conversations with local organizations to gain insights into the experiences they offer and obtain information about their contributions to local communities, cultural preservation, and environmental protection.

3. Assess

We showcase local organizations that demonstrate a commitment to both travelers and local communities. We collaborate with them to tell their story authentically and gather feedback from travelers to ensure ongoing excellence.

Embark on a Remarkable Journey

We’re on a quest to uncover exceptional local travel experiences across the globe.