Lokal Explorers

Empowering Adventurous & Ethical Creatives as Ambassadors

Amplifying Impactful Travel

We collaborate with bloggers, creatives, and influencers to raise awareness about meaningful travel experiences. As Lokal Explorers, our ambassadors help us share stories of incredible adventures that positively influence local communities worldwide.

Seamless Cultural Immersion & Conservation

Our goal is to simplify the discovery of immersive experiences that support locals and safeguard our environment. Lokal is a marketplace for adventure travel and distinctive lodging around the globe. From exploring secluded rainforest lagoons in Costa Rica to week-long treks with Nepal's Himalayan communities, we offer a diverse range of active and culturally immersive experiences for inquisitive global travelers.

Transform Travel for the Better

Join us in reshaping the way the world travels. At least 80% of travel dollars spent with Lokal directly benefits the communities visited, in contrast to the industry average of less than 5% in developing countries. We curate and vet each experience to ensure your adventure is unforgettable while supporting the destinations you explore.

Membership Benefits

We collaborate with Lokal Explorers to connect them with press opportunities, generate income through our affiliate program, and facilitate cross-promotional initiatives. We work with local partners on a case-by-case basis to provide explorers with access to Lokal destinations via press rates or complimentary experiences.

If you're seeking an additional revenue stream for your blog or looking to expand the reach of your platform and personal brand, we work closely with our Explorers to match them with creative opportunities aligned with their passions. If you believe you'd make a great Lokal Explorer, we'd love to hear from you!

Share Your #LokalStory

Eager to share travel stories that make a difference? We showcase photos, videos, and articles from our Explorer community to help spread the word about unique experiences that empower local communities.

Ready to Embark?

Submit our brief application to join our growing network of global ambassadors! You can also download our Explorers Program Deck for more information or reach out to us with any questions.