Community-based Tourism

Thousands of communities around the world are embracing a new kind of locally-led travel and the resulting experiences are amazing. Instead of building chain hotels or hip fusion restaurants, rural (and often relatively poor) communities are choosing to offer something simpler and much more unique – a chance to participate in their daily life.

Families invite travelers to stay in 150-year-old traditional homes and join them for a home-cooked meal; locals offer guided hikes to little-known vistas and hidden waterfalls; farmers take visitors on their daily rounds picking mountain-grown coffee; and so much more.

These unique, personalized experiences are the perfect fit for travelers seeking out the ‘authentic’ on their trips. You get access to amazing natural wonders that few others visit and opportunities to connect with friendly people from extremely different walks of life – all while supporting local livelihoods. What else could you ask for?

Check out these community-based tourism experiences