Ecolodge: What does that really mean?

If the term 'ecolodge' fills your mind with images of thatched roofs, swaying palm trees and pristine swimming holes - you are not far from the truth! However, a true ecolodge offers much more than the chance to be in nature - they offer unique travel experiences tha actively support efforts to conserve wild places and improve the lives of people in local communities. It's lodges like La Leona in Costa Rica where every stay supports their efforts to protect over 40 acres of primary rainforest. Or places like Lisu Lodge where your visit creates opportunity and income for the local community.

Staying at an ecolodge is about doing some good, while you explore amazing natural wonders and connect with new cultures.

Unfortunately, lots of lodges these days claim to be ecolodges (or use phrases like ecotourism, eco travel, green travel, etc) without actually doing much to live up these values. There are so many false claims out there that it can be difficult to find an option that matches your appetite for adventure and your desire to live your values. And, importantly, do it without spending dozens of hours in tedious research.

At Lokal, we hope to be part of the solution! We carefully choose every experience on our site and only feature lodges and adventures that are managed by community cooperatives, family businesses and local operators that are committed to truly sustainable travel. Basically, we're doing the research, so you can focus on having an amazing trip.

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