How to Plan a Sustainable Vacation

First, research the destination you’re considering. Look for sustainable practices that are in place, such as renewable energy sources, water conservation efforts, and waste management. This will help you determine if the destination is truly sustainable. Lokal does this for you.

Next, look for sustainable accommodations. Many hotels and resorts are now offering eco-friendly options, such as solar power, organic bedding, and energy-efficient appliances. You can also look for accommodations that are certified by a green organization, such as Green Globe or Green Key. Lokal also does all this for you.

Finally, look for sustainable activities. Many destinations offer eco-tours, such as kayaking, hiking, and bird watching. These activities are often more sustainable than traditional activities, such as motorized tours.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your vacation is as sustainable as possible. And when you’re ready to start planning your perfect sustainable vacation, be sure to contact Lokal Travel to get started. Our custom trip planners will help you find the perfect sustainable experience for your next vacation.

Start planning your ideal vacation today!