Pokhara, Nepal

Annapurna Community Trek

10 Days | Trekking, Cultural Activities and Community Visit

Annapurna Community Trek allows you to experience the panoramic sensations of the High Himalayas, specifically the magnificent peaks of the Annapurnas, Macchupichhre, Dhauligiri- some of the highest mountains in the world!

Additionally, you will get the chance to enjoy the authentic hospitality of the Highlanders of the Annapurna Region. Trek through the newly developed - pristine and unspoiled - route of the Annapurna Region. You will also meet with local farmers and yak herders and experience the Himalayan lifestyle in one of their Community Homestays!

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10 Days / 9 Nights

Travel Style

Active Adventure, Cultural Immersion and Connect with Nature


English and Other Local Language

Physical Activity

Challenging workout


Mountains, Rural Communities and Small Towns/Villages


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Royal Mountain Travel

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Speaks: English and Other Local Language


  • Unique close-up glimpse into village life
  • Exploration of pristine and unspoiled area of the Annapurnas
  • Interaction with local people; visit to community projects
  • Fantastic panorama of the Annapurnas; close-up views of Dhauligiri and Macchapucchre



Make it to Kathmandu and everything will be taken care of from there!


Flexible Departure Date
All year


2 - 8 travelers

Welcome to the Himalayan Kingdom, Nepal. Upon your arrival at the Kathmandu airport (KTM) you will be greeted by a representative from RMT. You will then be transferred to check-in to your hotel.

You will go for a relaxing Kathmandu Sightseeing Day Tour before you advance for the trekking. This excursion will help you understand the culture and tradition of Nepal.

This cultural mid-hill ride of 206 km passes through some of the historical villages, pious rivers, scenic hills, and temples. After reaching Pokhara, "A Queen of Lakes", you may go for an evening walk by the Phewa Lake, or perhaps enjoy cycling around the beautiful lake in the evening, and enjoy a couple of drinks before heading to the Himalayas.

Starting from Pokhara, you will be guided to Galeshwor from where the trekking begins. As you ascend to Bas Kharka, you will pass through scattered farmhouses, and climb through the green flourishing forest - you will encounter rich orange groves as you approach the attractive little villages. You will have plenty of time to explore the major villages, and if time permits, you can pay a visit to the local schools and health post, but there will always be time to enjoy sweet oranges that grow on the hillsides of Annapurna. (3 hours of trekking)

Today you head up to the forest of Danda Kaske where you will stop for a delicious local lunch. Overlooking the beautiful valleys, this is a great vantage point to meet with some of the local people and yak herders, who are very friendly and always ready to tell their stories - perhaps not in English but they will try best to make you understand via the global language - sign language.

After lunch, it is a comfortable walk to Nangi, the central village where you will be staying in the community Homestay. Here you can visit the local school, enjoy some of your spare time with the local students, and be amazed to witness how the villagers make traditional paper from the home grown plants. Also, we can visit a medicinal plant nursery and other small scale industries in the village.

We start the day climbing over the green hood hills with stunning views of the Himalayan range in the backdrop, and in no time we reach the top of Mohare Hill. This vantage point offers sublime openings of the Himalayan range; stretching as far as one's eye can see, including almost touchable views of Mt. Macchupucchre (Mountain Fish Tail) and Mt. Dhaulagiri.

Surrounded by forest and green bushes, this is an ideal place to spot yaks grazing nearby. This place is the highest wireless internet relay station in Nepal, providing internet facilities in remote villages, schools, and health posts to link up with hospitals in Kathmandu to provide better health care in the villages.

A fantastic ridge walk, with marvelous views of the Himalayas in every direction you turn, you will descend through green hills to the secluded community lodge at Danda Karka. The establishment of the community lodges at this point is an initiative of local women / housewives. This place offers the ideal moments to relax and enjoy the culture and landscape of the Himalayan region of Nepal.

As you advance downwards to lower altitudes, you experience the changes in the vibe of the communities and landscapes. Once you reach Tikot; a village of narrow lanes and beautiful houses, we can visit the local schools and experience the unique Mayar dance, a traditional dance where men dress as women, while the women sing the traditional songs. Stay with host families in their Homestays, experience the beautiful and fresh lifestyle of the Himalayan people.

Too quickly the trek is coming to an end. From Tikot, you will descend via a steep path to Tipling allowing you to take part in beautiful views and the melodic sounds that emerge from the mighty river, Kali Gandaki. After about two hours of walking, once you reach Tipling, you are transported back to Pokhara.

The Early bird catches the best view of the sunrise in Pokhara, when the morning rays reflect on the walls of the Himalayas, the entire Himalayan range looks as if it's on fire. After breakfast, your transportation facility will be awaiting your arrival to drive you to Kathmandu.

What's Included


9 Nights Family Homestay, Community Lodge and Hotel


Trekking, Cultural Activities, Community Visit, Community Lodge and Family Homestay


Bilingual guide


Private Room and Family Homestay


Available for purchase (extra $)


Private car and Hike

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Getting There

Transport options

Get picked up (included)
You will be picked up from the airport in Kathmandu and transported by private car to your hotel. Transportation will also be provided to get you to Pokhara to begin the trek and bring you back to Kathmandu after it's all over!