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Kathmandu, Nepal

People and Culture of Nepal

12 Days | Hiking, Cultural Activities and Wildlife Viewing

On this incredible adventure, you will discover the dreamlike handicrafts made by the 'Newars' who are indigenous to Kathmandu, experience the Monastic Life by spending a night at the Neydo Monastery, dance with your host family in Panauti, wander about in Terai's green forest (home to the rare one-horned rhino and the endangered Bengal Tiger), and much more!

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12 Days / 11 Nights

Travel Style

Active Adventure, Cultural Immersion and Connect with Nature


English and Other Local Language

Physical Activity

Moderate activity


Mountains, Rural Communities and Small Towns/Villages


Wifi: Limited
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Royal Mountain Travel

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  • Go beyond the guidebook and experience the people and activities that make the country tick.
  • Try your hand at traditional fishing in Barauli, farming in Panauti, cooking like locals, and other local skills.
  • Meet locals through the Homestay projects and explore secret lanes, markets, temples, culture, and more.
  • Witness the animals in their natural habitat.
  • Get inspired by the locals, and inspire them back.



Arrive to Kathmandu at anytime on Day 1 to get started


Flexible Departure Date
All year


1 - 8 travelers

Welcome to the Himalayan Kingdom, Nepal. Upon your arrival at the Kathmandu airport (KTM) you will be greeted by a representative from RMT and be transferred to check-in to your hotel.

Today you will go for a relaxing Day Tour, sightseeing around the Kathmandu Valley. This excursion will help you to understand the culture and tradition of Kathmandu. 'Newars' are indigenous to the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, and they are renowned for dreamlike handicrafts, palaces, temples, paintings, and most importantly - for delicious cuisine. The next day, we shall visit another Newari town for a beautiful moment.

Bungamati and Khokana are two major Newari towns in the Kathmandu Valley which are famous in the world, for the large demand of its skilled woodcarving. These little towns take pride in preserving the ancient hand-skills of their ancestors, which date back to the existence of the Kathmandu Valley itself. Bungmati and Khokana are made of rows of red brick houses and narrow streets paved with flagstones which gives a sensation of living in the past, walking into a time-travel experience, an authentic adventure that every traveler would desire. In the evening, we shall go to Neydo Monastery to spend a night and to experience the Monastic Life. Neydo Monastery envelopes around 200 monks, but there is a guest house close to the monastery where you can settle and can observe the monk lifestyle. It is such a peaceful and refreshing moment to see smiles on the faces of the monks, and if the time and situation permit it - you can have a chat with the Gurus and monks, as well.

After a wonderful breakfast at the Neydo Monastery, we shall move to another beautiful valley, Panauti - full of energy, tradition, and culture. Panauti is, literally, a historical and a hidden gem of Nepal. History books state Panauti was so beautiful that in the early 18th century – the king of Bhaktapur gifted Panauti state as a dowry to his brother-in-law. As time goes by, Panauti still holds an apex reputation for its beautiful temples, arts & crafts, festivals, and tradition. Hinduism and Buddhism are two major religions of this valley, which have been living in peace with each other for as long as anyone can remember. Last but not the least, Panauti offers a delicious course of MUST-TRY Newari food menu. You will be spending your night in Panauti Community Homestay.

Today is the day when you shall spend your time in a slow motion. The host family of the Panauti Homestay will take you around the valley, introducing you to other locals of the valley, or to the other members of Panauti Community Homestay. There are 16 houses operating Homestay project and the fact that makes them interesting is that each Homestay is owned and operated by the housewives/mothers. So, you will be well taken care of by the host family. Later, you can learn to cook like Nepalese with the host family, perhaps try to dress like Nepalese, too, and dance a little with the host family. Surely, such memories will only last forever.

A farewell to the wonderful city, Panauti, and to the lovely host family will be somehow heartbreaking, but the end of a chapter is the beginning of a new one. After a breakfast with the host family in Panauti, you shall move to another beautiful, but completely different landscape of Nepal, i.e Terai. Terai is home to 70% of green forest, rare one horn rhinos, and various species of bids and animals Nepal including endangered Bengal Tiger. Barauli is just one of the beautiful towns in Terai. We shall be arriving in the evening, so for now enjoy the welcome dance from Tharu tribe, indigenous to the Terai, and perhaps go for a bike ride around the river to enjoy the beautiful sunset. You shall be spending night in Barauli Community Homestay.

Today you shall go on a Jungle Safari. Your local guide will tell you about the history and beauty of the Terai. During the jungle safari, you will see various wonders of mother nature like exotic swamps, one horn Rhinos, musk deers, wild boar, eagles, vultures, etc. Finish your jungle safari with beautiful memories, and in the evening you shall go for a Tharu Village Walk. Their villages are full of arts and contents that will mesmerize you. Always smiling and helpful, Tharu people are said to be the one of the oldest settlers of ancient Nepal.

Leaving the flat land, Terai – today you shall be heading for another hill town, Bandipur. Bandipur is an ancient Newari town, but Newars being indigenous to the capital city, Kathmandu, this 148 km far-away town welcomed Newars in the 18th century as the merchants. As time goes by, this Bandipur city gradually converted into a beautiful Newari town but has a mixture of cultural values, various religions and traditions that existed here before their arrival. On arrival in Bandipur, you shall go for a little village walk and enjoy the busy lifestyle of the local market and people involved in it.

Today you shall hike to Ramkot hill. This hiking is also known as Ramkot Hiking, which is achieved via a hiking trail from Bandipur (2 hrs). The trail elevates from the ancient town to a hill of rhododendron forest facing 'north' exposing the magnificent display of the Nepalese Himalaya Range. It is a beautiful hiking trail where you will meet the tranquil culture of Nepal, kids playing with wooden toys, playing in a group - laughing and running. On the corner of the settlements, you will see beautiful Newari houses, as it is as it was a few centuries ago, and women and men making organic materials from the very own local products. It is just a pleasant moment to witness these beautiful moments on this hiking trail.

After reaching Pokhara, "A Queen of Lakes", you may go for a walk by the Phewa Lake, or perhaps enjoy cycling around the beautiful lake in the evening, and enjoy a couple of drinks. Pokhara is a beautiful city, and full of activities. It is one of the major tourist hubs in Nepal, so you can meet friendly people from all over the world. It is also a camp before heading to Annapurna, and the last for returning from Annapurna, so it is unlikely that you would miss overhearing the stories about the Himalayas when you are in Pokhara.

Today you shall go to Sarangkot Hill-Station (1592m) for a magical view of the sunrise that appears from the back of the Himalayan range and awes everyone lucky enough to witness this surreal moment. After the lovely sunrise, you shall go to Tashiling Homestay in Pokhara to learn how to cook and enjoy Momo with a Tibetan family. Momo, by now you would have known, is the favorite dish throughout Nepal. It is a easy to cook and to enjoy this delicious dish. So, learn how to once and forever have the knowledge to make it on your own. Mid-afternoon, you shall depart to your accommodation in Kathmandu marking the happy ending to a happy journey.

The tour has come to an end and you are free to continue on your path as you desire.

What's Included


11 Nights Family Homestay, Hotel and Monastery


Hiking, Wildlife Viewing, Cultural Activities, Cooking Class, Historical Sites, Show/Performance, Storytelling, Safaris, Cycling and Community Visit


Bilingual guide


Private Room and Shared Bathroom


Some meals included (see itinerary)
Most meals are not included in the price, though local food is very affordable (and delicious).


Private car and Hike

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You will be picked up from the airport in Kathmandu and transported by private car to your hotel. Transportation will also be provided to get you to the destinations where transportation is required until the end of the tour and bring you back to Kathmandu when it's all over!