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Authentik Tours

in Puerto Vallarta & Sayulita, Mexico

We offer a range of immersive experiences, including birdwatching, hikes, cooking classes, walking tours, and village visits, where travelers' five senses will be stimulated. Participants will learn about the local culture, nature, and have the opportunity to meet locals on every tour. We provide both half-day and full-day tours around Puerto Vallarta and Sayulita, accommodating small groups of up to ten people. Our tours are available in English, French, or Spanish.

All of our tours are collaboratively designed with local small business entrepreneurs, communities, and biodiversity protectors. We believe that tourism can have a positive impact and are committed to learning about and promoting regenerative tourism.

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Foreign Owned Social Enterprise
Authentik Tours
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Speaks: English, Spanish and French

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Social Enterprise started in 2023| Foreign Owned with 95% local staff

Deep Community Connections

We design each of our tours in close collaboration with local entrepreneurs, families, and foundations to share their knowledge and expertise with travelers. We ensure that they are compensated fairly, often paying them their requested amount or more when possible. Additionally, for some tours, we allocate a percentage of our profits to "Changing Lives," a program associated with the American English Tree School, which provides grants for locals to learn English.

Active Environmental Stewardship

We carefully select special foundations to collaborate with in creating our tours. These partners include passionate individuals involved in biodiversity regeneration in the area, such as the macaw sanctuary, Hoja de Pluma Permaculture & Compost Center, and Profe Tortuga. We compensate these partners fairly, promote their projects, and contribute to raising awareness about their vital work.

Specific Traditions and Heritage Preserved

We preserve and share cultural traditions in all our tours through various means, including offering local snacks, sharing information orally with passion, and making stops to visit craftspeople or individuals who have traditional or cultural knowledge to share. We believe that culture and traditions are fascinating and love to share them with our guests. By demonstrating to locals that they can earn an income by embracing and sharing their identity, rather than being displaced by gentrification, we hope to contribute to the preservation of local culture.


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