Five Pillar Foundation

Five Pillar Foundation

Take an Inspired Community Adventure to experience genuine village life in Bali, while exploring the incredible natural beauty and rich culture of the island. Five Pillar Foundation is community development organization and social enterprise, so each unique, sustainable travel experiences creates economic opportunity for local communities and raises international awareness around local Balinese values.

Travel outside the tourist zones to connect with Balinese communities; swim in secluded beaches; hike to secret waterfalls; interact with villagers making unique products such as cacao powder and chocolates or traditional songket fabrics; learn about mangroves and rescued wildlife; and enjoy meals prepared by local villagers.

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Active Adventure, Cultural Immersion, Connect with Nature and Off the Beaten Path


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Rural Communities, Beach and Island

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Five Pillar Foundation
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Social Enterprise started in 2014| Local/Foreign Owned

A Unique Story

Five Pillar Foundation was founded by Alan Yu - then a Ph.D. student conducting his dissertation research on prominent leaders in Bali - and Wira Guna - a villager from rural West Bali who moved to South Bali to work in tourism - decided to come together to create a social movement for a better Bali. As the two travelled around the island, they could see the devastating impact of mass tourism and realized they could offer travelers and communities a better way.

Alan and Wira strongly believed that Bali and Balinese culture are beautiful and worth protecting and preserving. The name of the organization is based on the Five Pillar Model for community development, an integrated community-based approach for community development and social change developed by Alan and Wira. Encouraging local communities to think holistically, we teach rural communities to recognize and utilize all of their available resources - financial, social, natural, human, and cultural - so that they can revitalize their villages.

Deep Community Connections

Five Pillar Foundation engages local Balinese village communities through developing opportunities for community-based tourism, promoting local enterprise, and providing educational workshops for local Balinese village communities They also work with village youth to prepare them for their future. They provide a local co-working space with wireless internet access and free classes in basic computer literacy, digital design, internet marketing, photography, English language, entrepreneurship and special excursions to villages in and around West Bali. This work inspires passion in village youth and helps them develop the technical skills they need to protect and preserve their culture, communities, and environment.

Active Environmental Stewardship

Through their community workshops and sustainable travel initiatives, Five Pillar helps to preserve some of the unique natural wonders of Bali and educate villagers on the value of conservation.

Exceptional Quality and Authenticity (Culture)

Even in the remote rural parts of Bali, young villagers - encouraged by their parents - move away from their ancestral lands to take service sector work in hotels, restaurants, and cruise ships, leaving sacred family lands without caretakers. Through their work to provide economic and educational opportunities, Five Pillar Foundation encourages local youth to stay in their home villages to continue on cultural traditions and reverse the exodus to tourist centers.


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Five Pillar Foundation works with villages throughout Bali, with a special emphasis on the communities in the western part of the island.
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