Human Connections

Human Connections

in Bucerias, Mexico

Based on Mexico's Pacific Coast, Human Connections works to foster reciprocal connections between international visitors, local artisans and entrepreneurs. Their organization does this through a number of different programs, including their Cultural Day Tours and Global Engagement Trips.

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Cultural Immersion


$49 /person
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Small Towns/Villages

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Human Connections
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Social Enterprise started in 2014| Local/Foreign Owned with 30% local staff

A Unique Story

Human Connections’ founder, Elly Rohrer, first came to with Bucerias in 2011 while working on a Harvard University initiative piloting "microfinance tourism." After three years running community tours through this initiative, Elly worked with community members to design a tourism organization that directly addresses local priorities. Human Connections was born through this collaboration. Today, Human Connections is a Bucerias-based social enterprise that offers variety of responsible travel programs, all of which highlight the culture and experiences of local people.

Deep Community Connections

Human Connections has developed a strong network of local partners — artisans, tradespeople, and entrepreneurs in Mexico’s Riviera Nayarit area. These are industrious people whose stories represent varied indigenous cultures, economic growth, and personal achievement.  Human Connections' tours offer these partners a platform on which to share their stories with pride. This is also a financially empowering experience for partners, as they can sell their products during tours and receive a fair payment for their time. During the high season, income generated during the tours amounts to roughly 20-40% of partners’ household income.

Active Environmental Stewardship

As an organization committed to the aspects of responsible tourism, Human Connections work to minimize negative environmental impacts through carbon offsetting, reducing waste, and using recyclable materials. They collaborate with local partners to encourage the same practices.

Exceptional Quality and Authenticity (Culture)

The tours allow visitors to gain a deeper appreciation for the diversity of cultures within Mexico, the work that goes into making artisan products, and the similarities between themselves and the people they meet. The tours encourage visitors to challenge their assumptions about Mexico.


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