Kaito Yumin Club

Kaito Yumin Club

in Toba City, Japan

The Kaito Yumin Club strives to preserve the culture and traditions of fisherman and Ama divers in Toba City, Japan. Unique to Japan, Ama divers are traditional Japanese divers and made up of mostly women. They are famous for freediving about 30 ft. into into the ocean in search of shellfish.

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The Kaito Yumin Club was presented with the Ecotourism Award in 2009 and celebrated as pioneers of the ecotourism movement in Toba City.

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The tradition of Ama diving in Japan is said to be about 2,000 years old and traditionally, Ama divers are primarily women. Through their tours, the Kaito Yumin Club strives to preserve Ama diver traditions and culture. To them, the Ama divers are a symbol of the nature and culture found in Toba City and they hope to pass the Ama diver tradition on to younger generations.




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