Kapawi Amazon Lodge

Kapawi Amazon Lodge

With a visit to the Kapawi Amazon Lodge, not only will you be contributing to the projects of the Achuar community that preserve the culture and the fascinating natural environment surrounding it, but you will also discover a completely different lifestyle, experience an ancient culture, travel in the past of the Amazon jungle, and bear witness to the unique way of life of the gardians of the jungle.

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$264-355 /night
Approximate price for staying at the lodge, including food and activities. Minimum stay of 3 nights. Rates vary based on package chosen


Rainforest, River and Rural Communities

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Locally Owned Community Project
Kapawi Amazon Lodge
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Community Project started in 1997| Locally Owned with 95% local staff

A Unique Story

The latter half of the 19th century saw the growth of the rubber industry in the Amazon basin, but because of its inaccessibility and remoteness the Achuar’s territory was not affected.

In 1941, however, war broke out between Ecuador and Peru and the Achuar found themselves divided into two “nationalities”. But for the most part the Achuar continued to live in extreme isolation from the outside world, and their territory was considered “terra incognita” until the late 1960’s.

Between 1968 and 1970, Catholics and Evangelicals began to enter Achuar territory with an evangelizing intent and although they were met with limited success, they did initiate a process of increasing intercultural contact that would slowly begin to change the Achuar’s’ way of living.

Since 1991, the majority of the Achuar in Ecuador belong to a political organization called NAE (formerly known as Federation of Ecuadorian Achuar Nationalities) and the Achuar people that NAE represents are organized into 16 regional associations that contain a total of 83 communities and approximately 8000 Achuar people.

They built the hotel in 1993 using local materials, traditional techniques and low-impact, environmentally friendly technologies, and 90 percent of hotel staff come from local communities.

Community Connection

Kapawi Achuar Lodge supports the Achuar community by contributing to its health and education community projects. It also provides a vital economic opportunity in a region threatened by unsustainable oil extraction.

Environmental Engagement

Nestled in Ecuador’s spectacular Yasuni National Park, Kapawi Ecolodge & Reserve is a 10-day hike from the nearest road. The secluded lodge is surrounded by forests that are home to 19 species of mammals, 37 species of amphibians, 11 species of reptiles and nearly 250 species of birds. They were named one of the “50 Top Ecolodges” in 2008 by National Geographic and winner of the UNDP’s Equator Prize in 2010. In 2011, Kapawi earned Rainforest Alliance verification for its commitment to sustainable tourism.


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