Lisu Lodge

Lisu Lodge

in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Lisu Lodge is managed as a partnership between Asian Oasis (a travel company focused on sustainable tourism, offering a collection of unique travel experiences in northern Thailand) and the local Lisu community. The Lisu migrated from southern China and Tibet in the early 20th century and have found a home in Chiang Mai province. The local community has been involved in the development and operations of Lisu lodge from the beginning. The staff members of the lodge consist mainly of people from the Lisu hill tribe village and a portion of all proceeds earned are shared directly with the village.

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Locally Owned Social Enterprise
Lisu Lodge
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Social Enterprise started in 2006| Locally Owned with 95% local staff

Deep Community Connections

At the heart of our community projects is our contribution to the Village Bank, which is owned and operated by the Lisu villagers exclusively. Lisu Lodge donates a certain amount of money from the lodge operation to the Village Bank every year. The villagers use the fund to support the projects they consider will benefit the whole community.

Active Environmental Stewardship

The lodge uses the land in front of the guest cottages to grow organic rice. Here Lisu villagers learn to grow rice without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Most of the rice produced is given to the Lisu farmers who take part in the project. The rest is used for guests at the lodge.

Exceptional Quality and Authenticity (Culture)

The local community has been involved in the development and operations of Lisu lodge from the beginning. A total of 31 Lisu staff are currently employed full time at Lisu Lodge. We commit to using local or fair-trade products and services. Most of the ingredients used in the food served at the lodge come from local grocery shops and farmers in the area.


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