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Mexico Kan Tours

In Mexico Kan Tours they believe that travelling should be accompanied with an intention. They work closely together with Mayan communities in Mexico to create exciting adventures that will benefit both the traveler and the places they visit.

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Business started in 2009| Local/Foreign Owned with 80% local staff

A Unique Story

Eco-tourism in Mexico is just in the beginning stages, but already there exists increased awareness of the impact mass tourism exerts on archaeological sites, indigenous communities and environment. Keeping in mind the influence of tourism on Mexican culture, Mexico Kan Tours have chosen to create tours that enable and promote the rise of sustainable, responsible tourism. Through their tours, the agency is committe to promote mutually enriching cultural exchanges that increase understanding, protection and respect of Mexican heritage.

Community Connection

In all of their tours, Mexico Kan works directly with the local Mayan community. They help support activities that promote the conservation of their traditions and make sure they receive fair payment. They contribute directly towards the economy of the area by working with local businesses and service providers.
Mexico Kan also partner with local non-profit organizations and provide financial donation aimemd towards the direct implementation of its activities that promote local know how and sustainable development.

Environmental Engagement

Mexico Kan participates actively in the conservation of the natural and cultural heritage they visit. They support UNESCO's main objectives in the natural reserves visited and comply with all current regulations set by conservation efforts.
They aim towards zero-waste in all of their tours by using reusable bottles for their customers for water and food is carried in reusable tupperware. They also compost organic matter and they recycle any non organic products.


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