Onca Explorations

Onca Explorations

Help protect Mexico's dolphin and whale communities by joining one of the many exciting adventures offered by Onca Explorations. With Onca Explorations you can go kayaking and snorkelling at the best reef locations, join a team of marine scientists and head out to sea in search of majestic humpback whales, take a plunge into the ocean and swim with wild dolphins, help baby sea turtles get to sea to the first time, go hiking and birdwatching in the Sierra Madre mountains, or discover ancient pertoglyphs. All adventures help fund various scientific expeditions that help protect Mexico's aquatic wildlife.

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Tour Operator started in 2006| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

Onca Explorations creates and operates ecotours and expeditions that combine wildlife research, ecosystem monitoring, education, and community development, with sustainable tourism activities. By doing this they promote awareness about the value and threats to biodiversity, and generate direct benefits for the conservation and management of wildlife species and its habitat.

In addition to the tours that they provide, Onca Explorations also finances aimportant research and conservation initiatives throughtout the region like the monitoring of marine megafauna populations (e.g. humpback whales, dolphins, sea lions, sea turtles, sea birds and sharks), marine life stranding attention and great whale entanglement rescue, environmental awereness campaigns and education for conservation workshops at local schools and rural communities.

Deep Community Connections

Onca Explorations works closely with communities that own access to significant natural areas by helping them build and strengthen tourism products from which they can get direct benefits as an alternative to traditional economic activities (e.g. artisanal fisheries, agriculture, aquaculture, logging, etc.), improving their livelihoods, and inspiring them to protect their own resources though a genuine sense of ownership for their natural heritage.

Active Environmental Stewardship

Through the documentation of whale and dolphing sightings during their ecotours, Onca Explorations aims to educate the public about marine ecology, biodiversity and the threats they face while creating a significant base of knowledge through citizen science in order to better understand the ecology and conservation needs of the cetaceaan community inhabiting the coastal waters of Mazatlan and southern Sinaloa. Onca Exploration's team is particularly intersted in understanding trends in distribution, abundance and habitat use by cetaceans and other marine mega fauna in the area, and to assess its management and conservation needs. By taking photographs of natural markings, like nicks and scars on the dorsal fins of dolphins, or the pigmentation pattern on the ventral zone of humpback whale flukes; cetaceans can be identified to the individual level, in the same way fingerprints are used on humans. By building photo-identification catalogues, comparing them with those collected for other geographic regions, and applying certain statistical analyzes to their data, their team can begin to better understand the dynamic lives of whales and dolphins, including movement patterns, frequency and duration of their associations, patterns of residence and their abundance in the study area. Up to date, Onca Exploration's humpback whale catalogue includes photographs of over 1,500 individual whales! The analysis and shared use of these data sets is crucial in decision making for the development of proper conservation and management programs for this species in Mexico.




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