Otorongo Expeditions

Otorongo Expeditions

Explore Peru's lower Amazon River region at this ecologically responsible lodge and tour company, located in the jungle about 100km from Iquitos. OtoEx provides genuine Amazon rainforest adventures and custom expeditions, including sport fishing, trekking & camping, bird watching and comfortable personalized jungle lodging. Whether you prefer to take it all in from the lodge, boat through rivers and flooded forests, fish day and night or camp out in the preserve, they'll help you create your perfect Amazon experience.

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Active Adventure, Connect with Nature, Off the Beaten Path and Comfortable Stay


$470 /person
Approximate price for two travelers together on a 3 day trip


Rainforest and River

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Local/Foreign Owned Family Business
Otorongo Expeditions
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Family Business started in 2005| Local/Foreign Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

Founded by American/Peruvian couple Anthony and Ivonne Giardenelli over a decade ago, they started Otorongo Expeditions because:

"Our love for the Amazon and the urgency presented by extractive-resource based economy made it an easy decision to apply our passion to working models of sustainable toursim development. We dont just own Otorongo, we operate it as passionatly as can be, never losing sight of our goal to promote the sustainability of the Peruvian Amazon Region."

Deep Community Connections

Otorongo is the only lodge that operates near Oran. They work hard to ensure local communities benefit from visitors and partner with them on a variety of environmental projects. Otorongo brigns guests to visit several native communities during their stay and they pay each community on a monthly basis to protect their communal lands, helping to keep out commercial hunters and lumber companies. For example, they work closely with the community of San Gregorio where -not only is their communal forest intact - they also receive visits of international guests who regularly purchase handicrafts from the producers directly. They also work with the community of Boyador where they have sport fishing programs that benefit the village. They also have an extensive rotating staff they hire from the surrounding communities that serve as local guides, gardeners, waiters , drivers, and maid service. They are proud to be one of the highest paying lodges for locals even when there are no guests to take around!

Active Environmental Stewardship

By working closely with native communities to protect the forests, they are helping to preserve rich, biodiverse rainforest from extractive industries. Their latest endeavor is a 1000 hectare nature reserve dubbed "Fossil Creek". The reserve consists of tribal lands from two native communities, Nuevo Union de Boyador and Roca Eterna, who are partners in the agreement with Otorongo and local government. Together, their goal is to use the reserve to protect the unique flora and fauna of the area while promoting sustainable development via ecotourism.


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The lodge is located 100 Km down the Amazon river from the city of Iquitos. The voyage takes 2 1/2 hours by speed boat.
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