Polwaththa Ecolodge

Polwaththa Ecolodge

in Kandy, Sri Lanka

Located 19km east of Kandy, Polwaththa Ecolodge consists of 14 lodges spread out in a pristine environment. The environment and the local community are at the heart of their operations, promoting responsible tourism. The lodges at Polwaththa are built from natural resources found on the land; such as wood, mud and self made bricks. They are built by their very own villagers who play a big part in the running of this project. 

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Polwaththa Ecolodge
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Business started in 2010| Local/Foreign Owned with 95% local staff

A Unique Story

To meet the increasing demand for Responsible Tourism, Polwaththa Eco Lodges was established to give guests the opportunity to experience rural life in Sri Lanka and give the local community the opportunity to benefit from the tourism.

Deep Community Connections

About 80% of their staff are from the local community and are paid well about the government approved minimum salary. They also support local schools that struggle to obtain state funding for bare necessities. They also support poor/handicapped locals to pursue their studies and fund community projects, such as rice cultivation, road improvements, etc.

Active Environmental Stewardship

"Polwaththa" in the local langugae means coconut estate, which was the case until they allowed nature to take over. Other endemic trees began to grow on the property and it is now called a "Kandyan Forest Garden". They also purchase their neighbors barren lands, due to felling of trees for quick money, in a program called the "Forest Healing Project" where they re-introduce endangered plants. Through this project, they educate locals about the importance of preserving the forest.




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