Rancho Quemado Development Association

Rancho Quemado Development Association

in Rancho Quemado, Costa Rica

Welcome to the Heart of the Osa Peninsula: Discover Rancho Quemado

Embark on an extraordinary journey to Rancho Quemado, a vibrant village nestled in the lush Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica. This community-driven rural tourism haven offers a unique blend of natural beauty, rich culture, and sustainable living.

Why Choose Rancho Quemado?

  • Community Empowerment: Experience the transformation of a traditional agricultural community into a dynamic tourism hub, where residents have skillfully transitioned to eco-friendly activities, safeguarding their cultural heritage and natural environment.

  • Diverse Activities: Dive into an array of adventures – from hiking community-run trails, participating in soccer and volleyball games, to exploring artisanal gold mining and sugar cane mills.

  • Conservation Success: Witness a remarkable shift from extraction to conservation, where former gold miners and hunters now champion sustainable tourism, preserving the breathtaking Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve.

A Legacy of Sustainable Development

Rancho Quemado's journey began in response to environmental challenges and economic hardships. The Development Association, with support from the University of Costa Rica and international foundations, transformed the community through sustainable tourism initiatives. This visionary approach has not only revived the local economy but also nurtured a generation of women entrepreneurs and strengthened community bonds.

Connect with Nature and Culture

As Lokal Travel's recommended destination, Rancho Quemado invites you to immerse yourself in an authentic Costa Rican experience, where every activity you engage in contributes to the community's sustainable development goals.

Discover more about our unique story, engage with our vibrant community, and be a part of this inspiring journey towards a harmonious coexistence with nature. Scroll down to explore the wonders of Rancho Quemado!

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Connect with Nature, Cultural Immersion, Active Adventure, Off the Beaten Path and Cultural Immersion


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A Unique Story

The Unique Story of Rancho Quemado: A Journey of Resilience and Renewal

In the serene heart of Costa Rica's Osa Peninsula lies Rancho Quemado, a testament to the enduring spirit of a community that turned challenges into opportunities. This story begins with a village deeply rooted in agriculture and cattle farming, struggling against the tides of economic and environmental adversities. As traditional livelihoods became unsustainable, the community faced a crossroads: adapt or falter.

In 2009, a pivotal transformation began. The Development Association of Rancho Quemado, with vital support from the University of Costa Rica and various NGOs, envisioned a future where sustainable tourism could flourish while preserving their precious natural heritage. This vision materialized into the creation of the Osa Trail, a beacon of community-led ecotourism.

But the journey didn't stop there. Through persistent efforts and training programs in business administration and tourism, the community harnessed their entrepreneurial spirit. Notably, the “Advancing Women” initiative in 2012 empowered 16 women entrepreneurs, fostering gender equality and economic independence within Rancho Quemado.

Today, Rancho Quemado stands as a symbol of sustainable development and community resilience. From former gold miners to wildlife protectors, the people of Rancho Quemado have rewritten their narrative, crafting a destination that not only offers an authentic Costa Rican experience but also serves as a model for sustainable rural tourism.

Join us in Rancho Quemado, where every visit supports our mission of environmental stewardship and community empowerment, and where each experience is a chapter in our ongoing story of hope, transformation, and sustainable harmony.

Deep Community Connections

With rural tourism an a viable economic option in Rancho Quemado, income of the families has increased and the community has been able to invest in a soccer field and library with computers.

Active Environmental Stewardship

People who used to mine for gold illegally, hunt endangered animals, and cut down the forest have now turned to tourism an as economic alternative. People's mentality has shifted from that of extraction to conservation.


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