Santos Tour

Santos Tour

in San Jose, Costa Rica

With more than 15 years of operations, Santos Tour offers authentic and innovative alternatives for green travelers. They run a unique forest ecolodge, offer amazing treks through the jungle, and can take you on day trips to visit waterfalls, coffee farms and much more. Every trip with Santos Tour also directly supports environmental education and development projects in their community.

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Santos Tour
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Tour Operator started in 2003| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

Santos Tour was originally established as a community support organization in the Los Santos Region by two college students who were born and raised in the area. Jonathan Cerdas and Carlos Marin launched Santos Tour as part of their thesis in tourism at Cartago Community College. The pristine beauty of their native land inspired them to develop an organization to support local communities through environmentally-friendly, rural tours and adventures.

Deep Community Connections

Santos Projects provides inspiration, education, and environmental consciousness to more than seventy families who otherwise would not have opportunities to benefit from tourism due to the remote location of their communities. They also believe that working with local communities directly is the most effective way to raise awareeness about environmental and conservation challenges.

Active Environmental Stewardship

Their main goal is to transform the vision of the community members and show them that there are many sustainable methods to improve their way of living, thus meeting both immediate and long-term goals.


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