Sthree Cafe

Sthree Cafe

Sthree Cafe is a non-profit social enterprise that is supported by the Women's Development Centre. Sthree Cafe offers fun, authentic cooking classes taught by local women, themselves. You will prepare a variety of delicious Sri Lankan curries and foods, learn about the spices and processes that are used, and be able to enjoy your finished masterpiece in our newly-renovated Café. All ingredients used are locally sourced, vegetarian and chemical free.

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Local/Foreign Owned Social Enterprise
Sthree Cafe
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Social Enterprise started in 2018| Local/Foreign Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

Sthree Cafe employs women and differently abled youth from WDC's VTC program and local forums.WDC has many programs - including a vocational training centre for differently-abled persons, a crisis shelter for women and girls who have been domesticated abused, and capacity building programs for local women entrepreneurs.

Deep Community Connections

The Women's Development Centre's entire vision and mission revolves around mobilizing local women, differently abled persons and other community members, to eradicate gender inequality and violence against women in Sri Lanka. In parallel with WDC, every single aspect of Sthree Cafe's operations are organized with local communities in mind. All of Sthree Cafe employees are local women from WDC forums and differently abled persons from WDC's Vocational Training Centre. All furniture and decor in the Cafe and kitchen was created by local women entrepreneurs, staff members at VTC, and women and girls from WDC's crisis shelter. Sthree Shop and Sthree Cafe routinely organize capacity building workshops and trainings to enhance the work and life capacities of people in the local community. All food ingredients and spices are purchased from locally sourced and purchased from local suppliers. Any profits earned at Sthree Cafe go towards supporting the operation of WDC's crisis shelter for women and girls who have been domestically abused.

Active Environmental Stewardship

Sthree Cafe is firmly dedicated to protecting the environment. This is why all of our food ingredients are fresh, vegetarian, and locally sourced - eliminating the carbon cost associated with travel. All furniture and decor in the Cafe are crafted from our local women entrepreneurs using only up-cycled, recycled, or other eco-friendly materials and processes. Additionally, we have a strict 'no polythene' rule in our kitchen and Cafe.

Exceptional Quality and Authenticity (Culture)

People can experience the very essence of any culture through food. Sthree Cafe not only provides a place for people to experience an authentic, Sri Lankan meal, but moreover provides the opportunity to learn traditional cooking practices/processes that Sri Lankans use. Through knowledge sharing and storytelling, specific spices, foods, Sri Lankan history and culture are shared between the cooking class teachers and the new cooks!


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