Thai Akha Kitchen

Thai Akha Kitchen

in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Thai Akha Kitchen is run by ethnic Akha people who were born and raised in Thailand. They offer cooking classes to travelers who want to learn Thai and traditional Akha cooking. They love Thai food just as much as you!

The traditional Akha culture has been disappearing, so the Kitchen is a chance to pass down traditions and cooking styles to the world in hope that at least some parts of it will live through people who continue to use these techniques.

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Local/Foreign Owned Social Enterprise
Thai Akha Kitchen
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Speaks: Thai, English and Other Local Language

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Social Enterprise started in 2015| Local/Foreign Owned with 90% local staff

A Unique Story

The “Akha” people immigrated and became citizens of Thailand in the early 1900’s through China, Laos and Myanmar. There are now 80,000 Akha people living in small villages in the mountains of Thailand. Akha people have their own traditions, culture and beliefs, different from the rest of Thailand, as many hill tribes do.

Akha Food is totally different from Thai Food and is much healthier and fresher. Akha people have a saying: “There are only three things in jungle that you can’t eat, and nobody knows what they are”. In other words, we haven’t found anything that’s not edible yet!

Deep Community Connections

The Kitchen and Cooking School are run by local Akha people. All ingredients for the classes are also bought from the local market.

Exceptional Quality and Authenticity (Culture)

They are the first and only cooking school in Thailand where you have a chance of learning how to cook Akha Food, in a typical outdoor setting. The Cooking School is dedicated to preserving traditional Akha cooking techniques.


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