Todos Santos Eco Adventures

Todos Santos Eco Adventures

in Todos Santos, Mexico

Todos Santos Eco Adventures is dedicated to the preservation of Baja California's diverse ecosystem. Through their tours, they provide travelers with unique experiences while supporting local communities and conservation efforts. With a focus on active adventure and cultural immersion, Todos Santos Eco Adventures offers a wide range of activities, from wildlife viewing and snorkeling to hiking and surfing. They also offer comfortable accommodations and luxury options, making them suitable for families and travelers of all ages and interests. As a verified tour operator, Todos Santos Eco Adventures is committed to providing high-quality experiences that support local communities and conservation efforts. Choose Todos Santos Eco Adventures for your next adventure in Baja California.

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Active Adventure, Cultural Immersion, Comfortable Stay, Connect with Nature, Family Friendly, Foodie Fun, Off the Beaten Path, Luxury Accommodation and Historical Sites




Island, Small Towns/Villages, Beach, Ocean and Mountains

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Tour Operator started in 2002|

A Unique Story

Todos Santos Eco Adventures (TOSEA) creates adventures that allow travelers to immerse themselves in Baja California's nature and culture, while still helping to conserve its diverse ecosystems.

Deep Community Connections

TOSEA works closely with and support local individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. When you go on a tour with TOSEA, you are supporting local fishing cooperatives, the ranchers and burreros of the Sierra La Laguna mountains, and local and independent adventure professionals. They also sponsor local boxing, soccer, and baseball clubs.

Active Environmental Stewardship

In addition to writing a few books about Baja California's nature and culture, the founders of TOSEA, Sergio and Brian Jauregui, are also founding members of Todos Santos chapter of Wildcoast/CostaSalvaje. This organization strives to protect the coastal areas in California and Latin America.




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