Wolaba Walking Tours

Wolaba Walking Tours

in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

From tasting tours at rainforest farms to private cooking classes at the local market, Walking Tours allows you to have an authentic opportunity to feel, taste, smell, and discover the Costarican Caribbean. Our tours combine food tasting and the excursions - allowing you to get to know the local life through our people, our food, our traditions and our heritage.

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Cultural Immersion, Foodie Fun and Active Adventure


$45-120 /person
Approximate price for 1/2 day experiences (jungle walks to private cooking classes).


Small Towns/Villages and Rainforest

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Locally Owned Family Business
Wolaba Walking Tours
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Speaks: English and Spanish

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Family Business started in 2017| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

We are Costaricans who want to show the beautiful Caribbean coast in a different way, through our people, our food and our traditions. We do walking tours, no car or contamination is involved. We show you our way of living and share our favorite recipes with our visitors.

Deep Community Connections

All walking tours visit locally-run businesses and sustainable farms dedicated to sharing authentic Caribbean culture and food.


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