3 Common Questions About Sustainable Travel

3 Common Questions About Sustainable Travel

By Dave Koken

The words 'Eco' and 'Sustainable' get thrown around a lot these days in tourism and we often hear from travelers who are confused about the best way to take the trip they really want while also making a positive impact on the people and places they visit. Read on to see 3 common questions about Sustainable Travel and how you can do some good just by taking an incredible trip. 

Do I have to volunteer?

Nope! While there are lots of worthwhile projects where you can do some good by lending a hand, we believe you can often have a greater impact by supporting the right local businesses. Check out this video to meet our friend Enoc at Osa Rural Tours and see how taking a spectacular boat ride through the mangroves in Costa Rica helps to conserve over 4,000 acres of rainforest and create jobs in the community. 

Do I need to go way off the beaten track?

Well, that's really up to you! Getting away from popular routes can help to spread travel dollars to places that don't benefit much from tourism, but there are also lots of lodges and activities within minutes of major destinations that offer amazing experiences and real benefits for local people and nature. Learn more about the global Community Tourism movement and discover unique, impactful experiences from Chiang Mai to Cusco. 

Do I need to 'rough it'?

If you think that sustainable travel and comfort can't go together, think again! There are ecolodges and tour companies protecting hundreds of acres of rainforest and preserving cultural traditions that also offer private, luxury bungalows and world class dining. Check out our collection of Incredible Ecolodges for some great examples of planet-friendly luxury.


Dave Koken

One of Lokal's co-founders, Dave has lived, worked and traveled in over 30 countries including 2 1/2 years in SE Asia where he developed partnerships for the nonprofit Kiva. The incredible kindness, warmth, and entrepreneurial spirit of the people he’s met around the world led him to create Lokal. He loves connecting people and exploring new places. These days, he lives in LA with his wife and dog (who happen to be his favorite travel buddies).

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