Why Go Lokal?

We do travel differently. Forget second rate hotel chains, derivative bus tours, cheesy karaoke nights and unoriginal fusion cuisine; we build custom adventures designed to give you an authentic experience and make a positive impact.

Adventures made just for you

We make booking the perfect global adventure a walk in the park. Just fill out our quick trip survey and one of our local experts will do all the hard work to plan out your dream trip. When it's exactly what you want, pay securely online. Ready to embrace local cultures and immerse yourself in breathtaking nature?

Support local people and nature

Stay in amazing locally-owned ecolodges; spend the day with expert guides from the community you visit; eat delicious homemade meals. Every trip you book with Lokal puts more money directly in the hands of locals who are working to preserve their land and culture.

Get Inspired

Our local partners have unique personal stories to share and can show you beautiful places that few travelers ever get to visit.

Are you a Lokal Traveler?

You can help us find amazing local adventures around the world.