Why Go Lokal?

You won’t find any chain hotels or bus tours here. We don’t recommend karaoke nights or fusion cuisine. Instead, we handpick adventures that offer something a little different – a genuine chance to experience local life.

Truly Unique Experiences

Want to canoe through a private lagoon in the Costa Rican rainforest? How about learning a traditional Cambodian musical instrument from a local master or staying in a handcrafted eco lodge with the Lisu Hill Tribe of northern Thailand? Our growing network of local partners and trusted communities offer one-of-a-kind experiences.

Support Local Communities

Our trips help strengthen communities by putting money directly in the hands of locals and supporting work to preserve natural and cultural heritage.

Get Inspired

Our local partners have unique personal stories to share and can show you beautiful places that few travelers ever get to visit.

Are you a Lokal Traveler?

You can help us find amazing local adventures around the world.