Amazon Emotions Jungle Lodge

Amazon Emotions Jungle Lodge

in Amazon Rainforest, Brazil

This unique jungle lodge aspires to use ecotourism to improve livelihoods and reinforce the conservation ethics of traditional cultures that protect and preserve wild areas and animals. They believe that bringing people to the Amazon Rainforest and protecting the area's largest apex predator, the elusive jaguar, while teaching them to catalogue the flora and fauna, ensures the preservation of an entire ecosystem.

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Local/Foreign Owned Family Business
Amazon Emotions Jungle Lodge
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Family Business started in 2006| Local/Foreign Owned

A Unique Story

Started by the Brazilian/Venezuelan couple - Vanessa and Leo - Amazon Emotions Jungle Lodge was originally called Tropical Tree Climbing. The company began when they decided to return their family to nature, creating the sanctuary that became their home. From those beginnings have sprung the lodge and the bespoke services of their Amazon expeditions.

In this setting, they live simply, educating their children Geo, seventeen, Kinan, five-teen, and eleven-year-old Kena, about the natural world and taking them on their conservation missions in some of the wildest corners of Amazon. They home-school the children, and let them explore the forest with members of the local community—who also make up the staff of the jungle lodge.

Active Environmental Stewardship

Tropical Tree Climbing is committed to supporting research for Amazon Nature Conservation and furthering the understanding of the Amazon. They created Amazon Vision, a collection of citizen science projects that allow the public to participate in the research being done around our jungle lodge. These include:

  • Jaguar conservation project to collect and record data, photos and biological samples - the first jaguary study of it's kind in the Brazilian Amazon.
  • Citizen Science Project - for 3 months ther jungle lodge is packed with botanists, zoologists, entomologists, veterinarians doing exciting field research. Guests can join the researches to learn the flora and fauna and help catalog them for creating a future nature reserve.




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