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CBCtupay connects travelers to unique experiences with indigenous communities throughout the Sacred Valley. The tours are a project of Centro Barolomé de las Casas, a nonprofit dedicated to studying and supporting the preservation of Andean cultures. They aim to give visitors a chance to know “authentic Peru” with its very friendly people, the incredible nature of the Southern Peruvian Highlands, and the specialties of the rural areas of ​​Cusco.

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Nonprofit started in 2011| Locally Owned

A Unique Story

CBCtupay is the "youngest daughter" of the Hoteles CBC company, which belongs to the NGO Centro Bartolome de Las Casas. The nonprofit started in 1973 and they began offering tours to travelers in 2011, so they could create new linkages to their social projects in the communities they support.

Community Connection

CBCtupay has a business model focused on fair trade and ethical markets. Their company has helped benefit six indigenous communities, and continues to build relationships with others. They have a social commitment with 8 associations in 6 rural communities (Chacán, Ccamahuara, Chari, Choquecancha, Ccachin and Patabamba), which they promote and support within the framework of their operations. Together, they have signed agreements to strengthen their friendship and the commitment to contribute to the sustainable, economic development of the community through rural community tourism.

Environmental Engagement

Their efforts toward sustainability include policies to reduce waste, recycle and reuse as much as possible. Also, they've implented ways to save energy & water, both in office and in the trips they operate. As much as possible, they use organic and biodegradable products to conserve and protect the Andean biodiversity.


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