Cultural Immersion

Cultural Immersion

Do much more than just visit the most important sites of Peru. Cultural Immersino travel takes you to the Peru's most iconic sites and so much more. In addition to Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca or the Colca Canyon, they will bring you to the most interesting and off the beaten track locations to experience the real Peru! They specialize in unique cultural adventure at local communities and give you the opportunity to take part in everyday local life. Profit from the freedom of being in a totally private tour and spend as much time as desired in your favorite places. Every tour is customizable and they are ready to help with a variety of budgets and styles.

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Cultural Immersion
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A Unique Story

Eduardo, the co-founder of Cultural Immersion, found himself working as a tour guide at the age of 23. He discovered he wanted to show his home country to the world, however, in a different way. Eduardo wanted to give importance to the real, authentic places in Peru--he wanted to explore the realms of tourism in a responsible way, offering extraordinary travel experiences that contribute to the local communities. After completing his tourism studies at the Andean University of Cusco, he founded Cultural Immersion. Since then, he has taken this project as a tool to the development of sustainable tourism in Peru.

Deep Community Connections

The Cultural Immersion organization contributes to the local communities in a variety of different ways; to start, the entire concept of the company was based on returning the money from tourism back to local communities. By including unique local experiences in collaboration with communities on every tour, they make sure that more tourism dollars reach locals.

The organization also leads a variety of social projects, including education, art, athletics, and holiday events where they directly give back to local communities around Peru.

Active Environmental Stewardship

Cultural Immersion continues to practice responsible tourism through its' sustainbility policies. They train their staff to commit to sustainable practices, and are constantly monitoring if these policies are being practiced throughout their tours and trips. A few examples include: efforts in sustainable purchasing, energy reduction, waste management, water reduction, and transport methods.

The company is Travel Life certified, which proves their commitment to managing each trip in a sustainable way.

Exceptional Quality and Authenticity (Culture)

A specific project, called Music In the Andes, is based out of the San Luis School in the village of Maras. In 2014, they initiated a music project at the San Luis Gonzaga School in Maras in the Cusco area, in cooperation with the professional local artist Narciso Choque. Children attending this school have low economical resources. The children's parents of the school work mainly in agriculture. During the music classes, the children are taught all the disciplines of music and art. With this project, the children are supported in developing their talents and creativity. Learning to create and appreciate music and art is very important to the development of children as they grow up.

Specific Traditions and Heritage Preserved

Cultural Immersion collaborates closely with local communities to make sure that their trips do not negatively affect the environment or the cultural identity of the places visited. They follow a sustainability policy and global best practices in all of their trip planning.


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