De la Chinampa a tu Mesa

Day Trips in Xochimilco, Mexico

In a bustling urban city, travel south to Xochimilco to discover the canals left by the Aztec civilization. De la Chinampa a tu Mesa is an organization working with small farms in the chinampa zone of Xochimilco, Mexico City. The owner, Ricardo Rodriguez, leads tours through the beautiful canals offering food from his farm, a visit to his chinampa, and knowledge about the history of the area.

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Boat Tour, Farm Visit and Getting to Know Locals


Cultural Immersion and Connect with Nature


$50-100 /person
Approximate price for a 1/2 day tour of the Chinampa and fresh meal with local food. Rates vary based on number of people in your group.


City/Urban and Wetlands

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Locally Owned Community Project
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Speaks: Spanish

Why Lokal Recommends De la Chinampa a tu Mesa


Community Project started in 2007| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

Community Connection

Ricardo contributes to his community by providing local food to his community, and promoting these local farms to local and foreign visitors.

Environmental Engagement

De la Chinampa a tu Mesa helps preserve the chinampa by growing indigenous foods, and making the community aware about the importance of sustaining the area.