Fernweh Fair Travel

Fernweh Fair Travel

in Gopeshwar Chamoli , India

Fernweh Fair Travel offers authentic connections to Himalayan culture and unique adventures to little-visited natural wonders - all of which support efforts to empower local women, untouchable tribes and their community. Travelers can choose to relax at one of their beautiful homestays, head out on a trekking tour or visit their boutique shop to browse goods from local artisans.

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Locally Owned Nonprofit
Fernweh Fair Travel
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Nonprofit started in 2007| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

Fernweh is registered as a nonprofit organization under the Bachan Charitable Trust. The project began when Fernweh's founder, Poonam Rawat-Hahne, opened a women shelter with her family to support underprivileged women in the community. They soon realised that simply providing the shelter was not enough for the large number of young widows in the area, who often have 2-3 children. For cultural reasons, most cannot re-marry and do not have opportunities to work.

Poonam sat together with the underprivileged women, untouchable tribes and local communities and finally we came up with Fernweh Fair Travel as a way to create new opportunities in the community. After many years of training and creating programs, they have now started to receive guests.

Deep Community Connections

Fernweh employs many local women to manage their Peaches and Pears B&B, as well as other aspects of the travel projects. Locals also helped to handcraft all of the furniture for the rooms and help to manage the organic farm which provides nutritious food for guests and the community. They have also now opened a boutique shop where they display the handicrafts made by the locals. These include pickles, jams, and juices produced by the ladies of the NGO. Also, they are in the process of teaching ladies how to make handmade, organic natural soaps using raw material found in the Himalayas.

Active Environmental Stewardship

The Peaches and Pears B&B helps preserve the environment through their practices. These include the addition of solar panels & their farm-to-table methods. Their organic farm produces much of the food they eat--if not, they purchase from local farmers.


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