Laguna Lodge

Laguna Lodge

in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

The Laguna Lodge is on the lakeshore of the legendary Lake Atitlan and exclusively nestled in its own nature reserve. The Mayan highlands are rich in culture and the lodge’s indigenous staff look forward to offering you a unique and memorable experience! – Utz Ipetik! Welcome!

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Comfortable Stay, Family Friendly, Time to Relax and Luxury Accommodation


$195-370 /night


Lake and Rainforest

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Laguna Lodge
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Speaks: English and Spanish

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Deep Community Connections

Laguna Community Care is based on medical experience, a keen social interest, and a desire to help their surrounding communities health care options. It is funded by the lodge and by guests wishing to donate in a professional capacity, monetarily or with donated items. LCC is not a non profit or foundation so they do not receive salaries or financial benefits of any kind. All funds donated are used directly for care and go a long way.

Active Environmental Stewardship

Laguna Lodge is a leader in sustainability in their region of Guatemala. With initiatives led by the United Nations Millennium and Sustainable Development, Laguna lodge aims to protect and conserve assets of nature and culture through sustainable tourism. Additionally, they want to provide a luxury, low volume authentic eco lodge which stewards cultural and biological diversity preservation by integrating sustainable, environmental and socially responsible development and management.These ideas of sustainability are executed through energy & water conservation, waste management, chemical reducation, and their very own organic garden!


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