Guatemala: Culture & Adventure

Welcome to a realm of adventure and cultural richness in Guatemala, where every traveler's dream unfolds amidst the lush landscapes and ancient Mayan sites. Embark on a 6-Day El Mirador Trek, where you'll journey through the jungle to the magnificent ruins of El Mirador, or opt for the shorter yet equally thrilling 5-Day Mayan Jungle Expedition. For those seeking a deeper connection with local traditions, a Day with Guatemalan Coffee Farmers offers an authentic experience in San Miguel Escobar.

Discover the Land of Volcanoes & Living Culture, where you can immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Guatemala's heritage, from Antigua's cobblestone streets to the serene waters of Lake Atitlán. If you're in pursuit of a tailor-made journey, our in-country experts are ready to craft a custom itinerary just for you. Simply fill out a questionnaire to start your personalized adventure.

Guatemala's diverse offerings cater to all interests, whether it's trekking, cultural immersion, or wildlife viewing. For a unique lodging experience, consider staying at Casa Xicaya in San Cristobal el Alto, where you'll wake up to breathtaking volcano views. Indulge in the local flavors with a cooking class in San Miguel Escobar or San Juan la Laguna, learning traditional recipes from the heart of the Guatemalan kitchen.

Every path you take in Guatemala promises an unforgettable encounter with the country's natural beauty and the warmth of its people. So, whether you're exploring ancient temples or savoring the tranquility of its lakes, a world of wonder awaits you here.

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