Guatemala's Wildlife and Culture

Embark on a journey through Guatemala's breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage with our selection of immersive experiences. Venture to El Mirador for a multi-day trek among ancient Mayan ruins, where you can indulge in trekking and camping in the heart of the jungle. For a deeper dive into local traditions, consider the Immersive Guatemalan Culture and Nature Adventure, where you'll cook traditional meals and explore historical sites. Discover the Essentials of Guatemala, from UNESCO World Heritage Sites to natural pools and caves. Wildlife enthusiasts can revel in the Nature Adventure Maya Temples in Petén or seek out sea turtles in the mangroves with the Mangroves, Sea Turtles and Jungle Maya Ruins experience. If you're seeking a tailor-made journey, our in-country experts can craft a custom itinerary to suit your interests. Guatemala's wonders await your discovery.

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