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Embark on a journey through Guatemala that transcends the ordinary tourist experience. Delve into the heart of Guatemalan culture by cooking traditional meals with local chefs, innertubing on serene rivers, and uncovering the mysteries of ancient Mayan ruins. Engage with the vibrant communities during a local cooking class at Lake Atitlan, or immerse yourself in artisan tales and uncharted beach adventures, learning traditional crafts along the way. For those seeking a deeper connection, consider our custom itineraries, like the Immersive Guatemalan Culture and Nature Adventure, where you can intimately explore the Maya Biosphere reserve and the Caribbean coasts. Dive into the Maya underworld in the Verapaces region, or simply savor the national dish of Guatemala, Pepian. To craft a journey that resonates with your personal interests, fill out a questionnaire and let our in-country experts tailor an unforgettable adventure for you.

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