Camping Under Guatemala's Sky

Embark on a journey through the heart of the Guatemalan jungle with the 5-Day Mayan Jungle Expedition to El Mirador, where you can explore the vastness of ancient Mayan civilization and sleep beneath the stars. For those seeking an extended adventure, the 6-Day El Mirador Trek: Mayan Ruins Expedition offers an additional day to discover the mysteries of the Maya. The terrain of Guatemala offers more than just ruins; with experiences like the Volcano and Jungle Trekking, you can traverse from Antigua's volcanic landscapes to the dense forests of El Petén. For a curated adventure, consider the Essential Petén trip, which takes you to iconic pyramids and spiritual sites. Or, go beyond the usual paths with the Off The Beaten Path Huehuetenango Expedition, a journey to hidden highland treasures and serene lakes. For those dreaming of a personalized itinerary, our in-country experts are ready to craft a unique experience just for you. Simply fill out a questionnaire to get started.

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