6-Day El Mirador Trek: Mayan Ruins Expedition

El Mirador, Guatemala

6-Day El Mirador Trek: Mayan Ruins Expedition

Join us on a trek to El Mirador, one of the largest and oldest cities in the Mayan world, located deep in the Guatemalan jungle. Our guides from the Carmelita community will lead you on a 40.5 kilometer hike through well-maintained trails, giving you the chance to immerse yourself in the jungle and spot local wildlife such as howler monkeys. You'll camp every night, experiencing the history and mysticism of the region, as well as enjoying beautiful sunrises and the sounds of the forest. Delicious food is included throughout the trip.

Our 6-day itinerary includes a visit to the Nakbe archaeological site, while the 5-Day Trek includes visits to all of the other sites, including the Danta Pyramid at El Mirador.

You can also add a day trip to Tikal before or after the El Mirador Trek. We recommend leaving at least a day in between Tikal and the El Mirador Trek to rest. This option will be available at checkout.

Right for You?


6 Days / 5 Nights

Travel Style

Active Adventure, Cultural Immersion and Roughing it


Spanish and English
The reservations office speaks English but the local guides on the hike do not. Bilingual guides can be arranged for extra cost.

Physical Activity

Challenging workout


Rural Communities and Rainforest


Wifi: None
Cell: None
Starts at:


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Speaks: Spanish and English


  • Visit the largest ancient Mayan city in Central America
  • Explore the Danta Pyramid - the largest pyramid (volume wise) of the ancient world
  • Hike through remote tropical jungle and see amazing sunsets
  • Spot wildlife, including howler monkeys and toucans



Tours depart daily with pick ups in Flores beginning around 5am.


Flexible Departure Date
All year


What's Included


5 Nights Camping


This is a challenging workout. During the rainy months (September-November) it can get extra muddy and more difficult. During the dry months (December-March) the conditions usually improve. The trip is available year round.


Local guide (not bilingual) and Bilingual guide (extra $)


No Electricity and No Hot Water


All meals included


Private van and Hike

Traveler Reviews


Drunk Logistics

I was to be picked up at 5am at my hotel in Flores. Nobody arrived. Finally, I reached someone via WhatsApp. They had no record of me and the van had already left (it was now 5:45). At last, I got them to get the van to turn around to come back for me. They claimed that Lokal had not paid them. I had paid the deposit through Lokal and had the rest that was owed in hand to give them. They then wanted me to give them more money on top of that saying what I had was not enough (even though all the paperwork from Lokal specified that amount). Fortunately, I had a very good e-mail trail. Then they said the reason they did not know about me was that someone got drunk the night before in their village. Once the actual trek started things were very good. But be aware of problems like I had. And definitely keep a very good e-mail trail and other records. I'm not sure if the blame belongs with Lokal or the Carmelita Cooperative people. Either way, I don't think I'd risk working with either one again. But on a positive note the guide and staff on the trek were very good. And it is a unique experience that even with the above mentioned "challenges," I would do it again.
December 2023

Forced to Accept 5-day Trek (instead of confirmed 6-day Trek) - Customer Communication and Support Very Poor

After years of going on outfitted adventures, I have never had the experience of an outfitter reneging on a confirmed reservation. But that is what happened here with Carmelita Cooperative. I was told just 12 hours before departure that only a 5-day trek would be departing the next morning (not the 6-day trek that had been confirmed six months ago). I was given a "take-it-or-leave it" offer to join the 5-day trek (after I had spent more on airfare than the trek cost!). In fact, no discount was offered (other than proration from 6 days to 5 days). Surely this situation could have been avoided with proactive and earlier communication. Definitely not the proper way to treat a customer.
February 2023

Awesome trip, beforehand organisation should improve

the trip is awesome and you get to see a lot, staying far away from civilization and in nature. Guide and cooking team are also awesome and friendly, Accomodation comfy for being in the jungle and food amazing! However, the organisation beforehand needs to improve. we got no information from them on anything, we needed to search for contacts and ask where we have to be on the day of departure. Also, we had the "last day tikal" in our tour included, but nobody told us that this means going back to Flores after the hike and then the next day going to Tikal. So we did not have a hotel when we got back to Flores and were very lucky to find one in the short time. Also, after the hike you are exhausted so Tikal the next day is again exhausting, you can just book it yourself and have a rest day in between.
December 2022

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Your Local Host

Cooperativa Carmelita

Cooperativa Carmelita

Locally Owned Community Cooperative

The Carmelita-El Mirador circuit is a unique and fascinating experience that is run by the inhabitants of Carmelita, a traditional Maya community that has been settled in the heart of the Selva Maya (Mayan jungle) since the early 1900s. For over a century, the

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Getting There

Pick up and drop off in Flores is included in the tour
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