Ancient Maya Sites of Guatemala

Embark on a journey through Guatemala's rich history and vibrant culture with experiences that take you deep into the heart of ancient Maya civilization. Explore the vast El Mirador, an archaeological wonder, on a 6-Day Trek or a 5-Day El Mirador Guatemala Trek, where the mysteries of the past come alive amidst the lush jungle. For a more diverse cultural experience, the Living Culture and Traditions tour combines community visits with the exploration of Maya temples, offering an 11-day itinerary that starts in the picturesque Lake Atitlán.

Immerse yourself in the Essential Petén experience, where trekking and camping are intertwined with learning about Mayan spirituality. Or, choose the Epic Guatemala Adventure, which spans from the historic streets of Antigua to the vibrant Caribbean coast. For those who seek an in-depth cultural immersion, the Best of Guatemala tour combines nature with cultural activities around Lake Atitlán and beyond.

Adventurers and nature lovers will find the Ancient Maya Temples, Caves, Cloud Forest, and Garifuna Culture tour a thrilling 11-day journey. If you prefer a mix of culture, adventure, and nature, the From the Highlands to the Mayan Underworld and Nature Adventure Maya Temples tours offer comprehensive experiences through Guatemala's diverse landscapes.

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