Guatemala's Beaches Culture

Discover the enchanting beaches and rich cultural tapestry of Guatemala with our curated experiences. Immerse yourself in the vibrant traditions with From the Highlands to the Mayan Underworld, a 15-day expedition that takes you from the mystical cloud forests to the sacred Maya underworld, offering an array of cultural activities, time in nature, and visits to archaeological sites. For those seeking a blend of community engagement and seaside relaxation, Living Cultures, Traditions and Beaches provides an 8-day journey to Lake Atitlán, Antigua, and the serene El Paredón. Engage in a community visit, experience a family homestay, and bask on the beautiful beaches. Adventure enthusiasts will revel in Mangroves, Sea Turtles and Jungle Maya Ruins, an 8-day adventure that combines wildlife viewing with explorations of the Maya Biosphere Reserve. Our in-country experts are ready to craft your custom itinerary; simply fill out a questionnaire to begin your bespoke journey.

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