Guatemala Boat Tours and Mayan Sites

Embark on a serene boat tour across Guatemala's majestic waters, where the echoes of ancient Mayan civilization still resonate. Glide through the tranquil waters of Lake Atitlán and immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture and traditions. Dive into the heart of Maya history with a visit to the awe-inspiring archaeological sites, or connect with the warmth of the Guatemalan people through cultural activities.

For a deep dive into the country's rich heritage, consider the Immersive Guatemalan Culture and Nature Adventure, where you can cook traditional meals and explore Mayan ruins. Or traverse from the highlands to the underworld with the comprehensive From the Highlands to the Mayan Underworld experience, spanning cloud forests to pristine waters.

If you're looking to blend nature with culture, the Best of Guatemala: Nature Culture Immersion takes you from the bustling streets of Antigua to the serene shores of Lake Atitlán and into the heart of the Maya Biosphere Reserve. Adventure seekers can follow the ancient Maya trails on the Nature Adventure Maya Temples journey, while those interested in community and tradition can embark on the Living Culture and Traditions tour from Lake Atitlán to Maya temples.

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