Guatemala's Cultural Community Gems

Embark on a transformative journey through Guatemala's vibrant tapestry of community visits and cultural experiences. From the majestic Lake Atitlán to the ancient ruins of Tikal, each custom trip promises a deep immersion into the heart of Maya traditions. Engage with artisans in Antigua and uncover the secrets of the Maya Biosphere Reserve in Petén. Dive into the living culture at Chichicastenango, or explore the highlands on an off-road adventure to Huehuetenango. Discover the underwater world in the Verapaces, and connect with locals in untouched El Paredón. Each tailored experience offers a unique perspective on the rich cultural activities, historical sites, and natural wonders of Guatemala. For those yearning for a personalized adventure, our in-country experts are ready to craft your custom itinerary—fill out a questionnaire to begin the journey of a lifetime.

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