Partnering directly with local associations, cooperatives, independent artisans, fishermen, farmers and local families, Etnica offers community tourism experiences in areas throughout Guatemala. Their experiences are personalized and founded on the empowerment of local community members - providing travelers with a unique and culturally immersive adventure.

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Social Enterprise started in 2016| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

Community Connection

Etnica prides themselves in ensuring their partners are given fair wages, and sustainable income for the activities they do with travelers. By employing local guides and developing a homestay program, they have helped provide income to local families and have allowed them to be part of a savings program. The program helps fund their houses with a water filter, water heater and ecological stove. They are also part of Pack for a Purpose, helping to collect donations from travelers to support local education initiatives.

Environmental Engagement

Etnica partners with local communities and guides to show how people live in local, rural communities. Often times, these communities rely upon the land to live, and these tours support their sustainable practices. Additionally, Etnica has partned with environmental and community tourism based organizations like ABIMA (Marine Biology Association of Guatemala) so they directly benefit from tour proceeds.


Many of Etnica's tours directly preserve traditions by teaching travelers how to make ceramics, weave, give naif art classes or traditional fishing. Etnica's partners continue these practices and show travelers how fishing, farming, and local cuisine are all connected.


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