Senderos del Alto Cooperative

Lodging in Antigua, Guatemala

Cooperative "Senderos del Alto" arose from the great need to bring sustainable development to our beloved village and was founded by a group of visionary and proactive community members.

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Locally Owned Community Cooperative
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Community Cooperative started in 2012| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

Although it is only 5 kilometers from Antigua Guatemala's "Colonial Monument of America" ​​there is a huge difference between the development of this urban center and our beloved community; so this group of residents decided to "do things differently to achieve different things" for economic, social, educational and cultural development of our village. Thus the idea was born that working as a team to capitalize on the diverse experiences we offer can help us realize our dream of making this place a "Paradise Heights". The cooperative is comprised of artisans, farmers, professionals, businessmen, housewives and young students, who join their ideas, experiences and expertise to carry out the project; by the mix of knowledge and experience, it makes only our cooperative. Our organization was founded on October 26th 2012, initially by 22 founding members. We now have 33 members.

Community Connection

The cooperative gives employment options to many community members who didn't have jobs previously. Through community tourism, San Cristobal el Alto has been able to also invest in a medical clinic and open a restaurant that caters to the Antigua community.

Environmental Engagement

San Cristobal el Alto has been able to conserve thousands of acres of mountainous terrain for hiking and recreation, much of which is used for tourism purposes.