Lokal Adventures

Lokal Adventures

Lokal's co-founders lead a few small group adventures each year for travelers interested in truly immersive experiences. We'll personally introduce you to local communities and take you to some of our favorite places that we don't advertise elsewhere on our site! These trips are perfect for travelers who want to get way off-the-beaten-path without having to do a lot of research or planning. Everything will be ready for you - just show up ready to explore and make a few new friends. We'll do the rest.

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Active Adventure, Cultural Immersion and Off the Beaten Path




Mountains, Rainforest, Rural Communities and Beach

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Locally Owned Social Enterprise
Lokal Adventures
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Speaks: English and Spanish

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Social Enterprise started in 2015| Locally Owned

Deep Community Connections

On these small group adventures, we visit some of our most remote community partners that get very few visitors. Your travel dollar goes a long way in supporting sustainable livelihoods!

Active Environmental Stewardship

We take extra care to support conservation efforts during these trips by: staying at sustainable lodges, participating in projects that actively promote reforestation and using carbon neutral transport partners like Nature Air and Mapache in Costa Rica.

Exceptional Quality and Authenticity (Culture)

By keeping our groups small and encouraging direct interaction with locals at every stop on the journey, we ensure that our trips provide an authentic and respectful way to engage with local traditions and ways of life.


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