Nativefolks is a company that is dedicated to making tourism more sustainable in rural areas of India. They offer a range of culturally immersive experiences and family home-stays in the outskirts of Goa, giving travelers the opportunity to immerse themselves in local culture and explore village life. The company is run by a group of social entrepreneurs who are committed to preserving the beautiful cultures present in the local, rural communities. By offering these incredible experiences, Nativefolks is working to help protect and celebrate the unique traditions and way of life in these areas. Whether you are looking for a cultural adventure or a more laid-back home-stay experience, Nativefolks has something for everyone.

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Cultural Immersion, Off the Beaten Path and Connect with Nature




Rural Communities, Small Towns/Villages and Mountains

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Locally Owned Social Enterprise
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Social Enterprise started in 2014| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

Deep Community Connections

Nativefolks seek to create better livelihoods through developing community run home-stays, training them and provide marketing support. Also, they ensure the villages preserve the local art, culture and eco-system.

Active Environmental Stewardship

A custom in the local communities, Nativefolks encourages the environmentally friendly, and beautiful, mud homes. In addition, their home-stays use locally sourced products and organic ingredients in their food.


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