India, a land of diverse cultures and breathtaking landscapes, offers a unique opportunity for travelers seeking more than just a holiday. Enter Nativefolks – a socially conscious enterprise committed to reshaping tourism in India's rural areas. Founded in 2014, Nativefolks is not just a travel company; it's a gateway to a deeper understanding and appreciation of local cultures and traditions.

What Sets Nativefolks Apart:

  1. Sustainable and Responsible Tourism: Nativefolks is dedicated to sustainable tourism practices that protect and celebrate the unique way of life in rural India. By staying in eco-friendly mud homes and using locally sourced products, guests contribute positively to the environment and the local economy.

  2. Cultural Immersion: Offering a range of immersive experiences, from family homestays on the outskirts of Goa to deep involvement in village life, Nativefolks invites travelers to connect with the heart of India. You can participate in local spiritual ceremonies, learn about traditional arts, or engage in a yoga retreat, all while being part of the local community.

  3. Diverse Activities and Experiences: Whether you're an adventurer or someone seeking tranquility, Nativefolks offers a plethora of activities. Hike through untouched landscapes, view wildlife in its natural habitat, visit coffee farms and waterfalls, or join a local class or workshop. These experiences are designed to cater to varied interests while emphasizing a connection with nature and culture.

  4. Deep Community Connections: Nativefolks has a strong commitment to the communities it operates in. By developing community-run homestays and providing training and marketing support, they ensure that the benefits of tourism are directly felt by the local populations. This approach helps in preserving local art, culture, and ecosystems.

  5. Accessible and Inclusive: With mid-range pricing and a focus on rural communities, small towns, and villages, Nativefolks makes immersive cultural travel accessible to a wide range of travelers. Their experiences are carefully curated to suit different tastes and interests, ensuring that every guest has a memorable and meaningful stay.


Nativefolks isn't just about travel; it's about connection, understanding, and respect. It's about experiencing India in a way that honors its traditions, supports its communities, and leaves a minimal environmental footprint. So, if you're looking to embark on a journey that's enriching, enlightening, and responsible, Nativefolks is your ideal destination.

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Social Enterprise started in 2014| Locally Owned with 100% local staff

A Unique Story

Nativefolks began as a vision to transform tourism into a force for positive change in rural India. In 2014, a group of social entrepreneurs, deeply passionate about preserving the rich cultural tapestry of Indian village life, founded the company. They recognized that the unique traditions and lifestyles in these communities were underrepresented in mainstream tourism and often overshadowed by the popular tourist hotspots.

What sets Nativefolks apart is their commitment to creating genuine cultural connections. They achieve this by partnering with local communities to establish family-run homestays and immersive cultural experiences. These initiatives not only offer travelers an authentic glimpse into rural life but also empower local communities economically and socially.

Nativefolks’ story is one of collaboration and respect – working hand-in-hand with local villagers to preserve their cultural heritage while introducing travelers to the beauty of India's rural heartlands. By focusing on sustainable practices, such as using environmentally friendly mud homes and locally sourced products, they ensure that their impact on these communities is positive and lasting.

Through Nativefolks, travelers not just visit a destination; they become part of a story that celebrates the diversity, resilience, and richness of rural Indian culture. This unique approach has created a sustainable model that benefits both the traveler and the host community, making Nativefolks a pioneer in responsible and meaningful tourism in India.

Deep Community Connections

Nativefolks exemplifies deep community connections through its commitment to empowering local communities. They do this by developing community-run homestays and offering training and marketing support. This approach ensures that tourism benefits are directly felt by local populations. Their initiatives aid in preserving local art, culture, and ecosystems, thus fostering a sense of ownership and pride within the community. By aligning their operations with the needs and aspirations of local residents, Nativefolks plays a crucial role in creating sustainable livelihoods and strengthening community bonds.

Active Environmental Stewardship

Nativefolks' dedication to environmental stewardship is evident in their eco-friendly practices. They encourage the use of traditional mud homes, which are environmentally friendly and culturally significant. Their homestays prioritize locally sourced products and organic ingredients in food preparation, minimizing environmental impact. By integrating these practices, Nativefolks not only preserves the local environment but also promotes a sustainable model of tourism that aligns with the principles of ecological conservation and responsible use of natural resources.

Exceptional Quality and Authenticity (Culture)

Nativefolks stands out for its exceptional quality and authenticity in cultural offerings. Beyond providing immersive experiences, they ensure that these interactions are genuine and deeply respectful of local customs and traditions. Their focus on cultural immersion allows travelers to experience the authentic way of life in rural India. By facilitating genuine interactions with local communities and offering a range of culturally enriching activities, Nativefolks reinforces its commitment to cultural authenticity and exceptional quality in every aspect of its operations.

Specific Traditions and Heritage Preserved

Nativefolks is deeply invested in preserving the rich tapestry of Indian heritage, especially in rural areas where traditional practices are still vibrant. Through their trips, they have a direct impact on the preservation of traditional art techniques, food, language, and culture. By integrating these elements into their travel experiences, Nativefolks not only helps in maintaining these age-old traditions but also provides an avenue for them to be appreciated and understood by a wider audience. This approach ensures that the cultural heritage, which forms the essence of these rural communities, is not just preserved but also celebrated and passed down to future generations.


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