Ock Pop Tok

Ock Pop Tok

in Luang Prabang, Laos

A Laos based social enterprise, we are an award winning textile organisation that works with local artisans to sustain the living culture that is Lao textiles. Meaning ‘east meets west’, Ock Pop Tok offers visitors of our Living Crafts Centre an immersive and authentic experience, with the opportunity to participate in one of our many classes. Discover the secrets of silk weaving, Hmong batik drawing, natural dyes, and bamboo weaving. Guests can also stay in the beautiful Mekong Villa and dine in the garden setting of the Silk Road Cafe.

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Ock Pop Tok
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Social Enterprise started in 2000| Local/Foreign Owned with 90% local staff

A Unique Story

Veo learnt to weave from her mother when she was 8 years old. She is the youngest of four and only daughter, this position in the family brought many responsibilities. Veo became an accomplished weaver and this skill has helped her support her family. When she was 24 she took the adventurous step of co-founding Ock Pop Tok.

Veo has become a natural ambassador for Lao textiles, both meeting global dignitaries and inspiring young Lao women to follow in her footsteps; to empower themselves with their weaving skills. Veo is on the board of the chamber of commerce and has chaired the Luang Prabang Handicraft group. Veo leads the OPT weaving team, oversees the management of our Living Crafts Centre, and is responsible for of our Heritage textile collection.

Deep Community Connections

Ock Pop Tok runs Village Weaver Projects which are a series of initiatives that create economic opportunities for artisans in rural locations, primarily women. Our team of weavers, dyers, designers and tailors transfer their skills to aid artisans make a better living from handicrafts. Currently this work takes place in 11 provinces.

By operating on fair trade principles – specifically by providing competitive wages, opportunities for continued learning and professional development – OPT gives village weavers the ability to earn a sustainable livelihood for their families and communities. And, by opening a venue where visitors can see and practice the craft, OPT educates visitors about the cultural and the artistic value of the textiles.

Active Environmental Stewardship

We use E.U. approved dyes for our products as well as locally produced materials from Laos for our textiles. We collect grey water from our guesthouse to use when watering our garden. Our café, the Silk Road Café, buys locally produced and approximately 20% organic produce.

Exceptional Quality and Authenticity (Culture)

Culture is shared through a woven history in our Living Craft Centre. Preserving these stories through weaving is one key aspect for preserving and promoting Laos culture at home and abroad. We maintain a nonprofit Fibre2Fabric gallery as a way to explore and explain Lao culture.


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