Wild Asia Responsible Tourism

Award Winners

Wild Asia’s Responsible Tourism Awards: Celebrating Sustainability in Asia's Tourism Industry

Wild Asia’s Responsible Tourism Awards is a pioneering initiative, one of the first of its kind in Asia, dedicated to celebrating and encouraging sustainable tourism practices across the continent. Established by Wild Asia in 2006, these annual awards shine a spotlight on accommodation operators who are not just part of the tourism industry but are actively reshaping it through sustainable management practices.

A Mission to Inspire and Transform

The cornerstone of the Responsible Tourism Awards is the firm belief in the power of recognition to inspire change. By highlighting the achievements of operators who are making a positive impact in their destinations, Wild Asia aims to set a benchmark for sustainability in tourism. This initiative is not just about celebrating success; it's about fostering a community of change-makers who can inspire others within the industry to follow suit.

Criteria for Excellence: Sustainability at Its Core

The selection process for the awards is rigorous, focusing on operators that demonstrate a comprehensive commitment to sustainability. This includes environmental conservation efforts, positive contributions to local communities, and the promotion of cultural heritage. By setting such standards, Wild Asia encourages a holistic approach to responsible tourism, where economic benefits do not come at the expense of the environment or societal well-being.

Building a Community of Sustainable Leaders

Beyond the awards, Wild Asia’s commitment to sustainable tourism extends to building a network of like-minded operators and stakeholders. Through workshops, seminars, and collaborative projects, Wild Asia fosters a community dedicated to sharing best practices and innovative solutions for sustainable tourism. This collaborative approach ensures that the impact of the awards goes beyond the winners, catalyzing industry-wide shifts towards more responsible practices.

A Call to Action for All Tourism Operators

Wild Asia’s Responsible Tourism Awards is more than an annual event; it's a call to action for all tourism operators in Asia. It challenges businesses to look beyond the conventional metrics of success and to consider their footprint on the world. For operators, this is an opportunity to be recognized for efforts that go beyond the bottom line, contributing to a sustainable future for tourism.

Join the Movement Towards Sustainable Tourism

For travelers, the awards serve as a guide to accommodations that are committed to responsible tourism practices. Choosing to stay with these operators means supporting businesses that are in harmony with their environment and communities.

As Wild Asia continues to lead the way in sustainable tourism advocacy, the Responsible Tourism Awards stand as a testament to the possibility of a more responsible and sustainable travel industry. Let's celebrate those who are leading the way and join them in making sustainable tourism the norm, not the exception.