Origins Argentina Travel

Origins Argentina Travel

Origins Argentina is a travel and tourism agency based in the northwest of Argentina dedicated to providing unique experiences for travelers, designing tailor-made trips all over the country. You will be able to discover the surprising rock formations of the the Calchaqui Valley where the ancient settlers came to perform their rituals. Get lost in the cloud forest of the Calilegua National Park. Cross the Shells Gorge on horseback and venture into the village Cafayate. Enjoy some time with the Ocumazo community, located in the Hidden Valley (Valle Escondido), and participate in the preparation of meals, some agricultural tasks depending on the time and even some workshops where you can learn traditional techniques such as ceramics, the making of wool...etc. 

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Rural Communities, Rainforest, Mountains, Small Towns/Villages and River

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Origins Argentina Travel
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Deep Community Connections

Origins has been working closely with the Rural Commuty-based Tourism Network, which is managed and administered by 50 families (all small farmers) in 12 different communities in the Northwest of Argentina and the states of Misiones, Mendoza, Rio Negro and also Buenos Aires.
These communities have embraced a new way of doing tourism that enables the visitors to really appreciate their customs, identity, productive diversity, gastronomy and landscape in the context of a friendly relationship of mutual respect and care.

Exceptional Quality and Authenticity (Culture)

Origins also partners with communities on tourism experiences that help preserve local cultures and traditions. For example, they work with the Ocumazo community where people live from traditional agriculture methods of their 'grandparents' producing cereals, vegetables and prized fruits. They also support eight native “Ocumaceñas” families that offer accommodation in their houses of adobe along with home cooking using products they grow (quinoa, potatoes, Andean and multicolored corn, tamales, etc.) and excursions surrounding area (by foot or horse).


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